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related introduction

this product is composed of shower head and eye washer.
material: 304 stainless steel, copper and abs eye washer basin, coated with anti-corrosion epoxy outside.

eye washer head: the eject outlet to clean the eye and face

dust cover of eye washer head: the equipment to protect the eye washer head

shower head: the eject outlet to clean the body

on-off valve: the valve device used to open and close the flow, can be pushed by hand or foot.
water pipes: the device used to direct water flow
filter: to filter out the debris into the eye washer
base: to fix the eye washer
style: manual / foot
performance: anti-corrosion; anti-acid, alkali and salt solution
water out volume: water out volume of eye washer head:12-18l / min, water out volume of shower head:120-180l / min

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